Martin Kamerbeek

Martin has been programming for years now and is especially involved with WebGUI and Perl since 2002. He is WebGUI core developer and was awarded the title of WebGUI Contributor of the Year in 2006. An impressive list of bugfixes and improvements to WebGUI show up when searching for his name with Google.

Amongst others Martin developed the SQL form, the first version of the e-commerce system and the authentication- and navigation-system. With further improvements like the online spell check, the graphics subsystem and the recently developed GoogleMaps Macro, we can proudly call Martin a really active WebGUI core developer.

Next to his extensive knowledge about Perl, SQL, HTML, AJAX and Javascript, Martin knows the ins and outs of the Apache webserver. And apart from this Martin knows how to deal with the management part, like upgrading, migrations and configurations.

Martin finished his Electrotechnical study at the Technical University of Delft and is currently our WebGUI specialist.  He also spends some  of his time off being an active member of his youth club. The maintenance of their website, the sound of the bands playing there or drinking beer, these are some of the activities he likes to spend his time on.

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